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Marine Ranks – Marine Corp Ranks – Marine Ranks and Pay

Marine Ranks – Rite of Passage

marine ranks,ranks in the marine corps,list of marine ranks, one piece marine ranks, space marine ranks,military marine ranks, marine ranks pay,what are the marine ranks,ranks of the marine corps,ranks of the marine corps,united states marine ranks,ranks in marine corps,The Marines have earned their fierce reputation on the battlefield and the Marine Ranks signify their commitment and shows that each person who has achieved greatness in the military has earned the respect to carry their rank’s great responsibility by proving their leadership.  As with all branches of the military there is a chain of command in the Marines.  Each rank up has to be proven with great fortitude so that those who are under their chain of command will know they have deserved it.

The pay grade for Marines is increased with rank as befitting of their greater responsibilities along with the time spent in active duty status.  The marine ranks and pay scale starts around approximately $1500.00 per month for enlisted men of E-1 Private status with less than two years experience.  It can go to nearly $15,000 per month for O-7 to O-10 status as limited by the Level II Executive Schedule.  There are also various payments in addition to the pay scale such as Hazardous Duty, Combat pay, as well as allowances for clothing and housing.


Marine Ranks in Order – Marine Corps Ranks in Order

Marine Ranks in Order – Enlisted Ranks Marine Ranks in Order from Private to General and every advancing rank signifies a great achievement.  The first rank a Marine is given is the rank of Private (PVT).  It is the start of a new journey in life and shows that they have committed to something greater … Continue reading

Marine Officer Ranks – Marine Corps Officer Ranks

Marine Officer Ranks – Company Grade Officers Marine Officer Ranks maintain a high authority and must make decisions that affect their men and the livelihood of all United States Citizens.  These decisions can often be a matter of life and death and carry a heavy responsibility.  Marine Officers are college graduates who have earned the … Continue reading

Marine Enlisted Ranks – Marine Corps Enlisted Ranks

Marine Enlisted Ranks – In the Beginning The chain of command in the Military is a necessity to keep our soldiers organized and ready to defend our freedoms, it is no different for the Marine Enlisted Ranks.  These ranks show a Marines dedication as each rank advancement increases their demands and responsibilities.  The infrastructure only … Continue reading

Marine Corps Ranks – United States Marine Corps Ranks,

Marine Corps Ranks – Leadership Marine Corps Ranks signify the chain of command that holds it all together even when staring into the eyes of the enemy.  Every individual has a job to do to keep the peace, and as the saying goes, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”  The Marines are an elite … Continue reading